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Qi - to rhyme with tea - is the Chinese word for the life force energy and movement which flows through all living things.

About the Author - Mark Popplewell

Into the Sea of Qi is Mark Popplewell's first novel. It was written over a 3 year period in the quiet times between treating patients with acupuncture.

Born in 1957; he began a training in martial arts while still at school (it was some school) and became interested in the Chinese arts of kung fu and tai chi, and especially Taoism, in his early twenties. After a (all too long) spell as 'head of escape committee' employed in a building society - and a five year stint running his own organic food shop (sadly ahead of its time) - he undertook a 7 year training in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. At last he had found his true vocation and the perfect complement to his successful tai chi classes.

author Mark Popplewell with his book Into the Sea of Qi
The author, Mark Popplewell with a copy of the first edition
of his debut novel, Into the Sea of Qi, published November
Mark Popplewell taking part in a Feng Shou (Hand of the Wind kung fu) class
    Mark Popplewell (nearest) taking part in a Feng Shou
    (Hand of the Wind kung fu) class in Scarborough, UK.


Follow Mark's blog: Beyond the world of dust... the musings of a Taoist from Dewsbury

Coming soon

A sequel - the current working title is of course Return to the Sea of Qi.

Daoyin: breathing and stretching exercises guided by the mind.

Juliette and the Cat. A children's story by Kate Foster.


Contact Mark

Mark can be contacted via email at: mark@intotheseaofqi.org, or via his Facebook page, see below.

Into the Sea of Qi on Facebook

Into the Sea of Qi on Facebook

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