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Qi - to rhyme with tea - is the Chinese word for the life force energy and movement which flows through all living things.

Into the Sea of Qi


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Juliette and the Cat, the new inspirational novel from Kate Foster (Editor, Into the Sea of Qi)

Did You Know?

Into the Sea of Qi. Some elements of the story were inspired by a series of out of body experiences which the author had in the 1990s.

Movie rights - Jackie Chan please contact the author (you can be Mr Li).

Barren rocky desert, snowstorms, soaring mountains, bamboo thickets, and ancient temples provide the backdrop to the journey. Taoist and Buddhist scholars provide Ben with encouragement and some of China's rarest teas. A succession of supernatural adversaries stalks and confronts him at every opportunity. But, although this strange land has many dangers the most threatening of all may be the beautiful but cold killer who has followed him from police state Britain. The action shifts between modern Hong Kong and ancient Chinese landscapes but Ben is in both places at the same time.

Into the Sea of Qi is an adventure story set in an inner world - a parallel universe of soaring mountains, bamboo forests and ancient temples. Inside this beautiful world live immortals and scholars (eager to help and enlighten) but also ghosts and demons - determined to destroy.

An inner world is to be found inside each of us - endless overlapping universes containing whatever we are capable of imagining. Everything in these inner worlds - and the world we live in - is illusion. Everything is just energy, held in place by the shared mind of every living creature - human or otherwise. Everything is a sea of qi.

All possibility lies inside each of us - accessible through the mind via the openings and doorways which lie along the acupuncture channels. A secret known to Taoist masters, and those accomplished in meditation, for thousands of years.

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People may sit 'til the cushion is worn through,
But never quite know the real Truth:
Let me tell about the ultimate Tao:
It is here, enshrined within us
Lu Dong Bin, Tang Dynasty

Into the Sea of Qi

ISBN 978 1480247949
Author: Mark Popplewell
Editor: Kate Foster

Principal Characters
Ben WakefieldCentral character around whom the story (literally*) revolves.
Mr LiMartial artist and tai chi expert who becomes Ben's teacher.
The Shabby MonkBuddhist scholar accompanying Ben on much of his journey.
The Sword TaoistTaoist monk and martial arts expert.
Blonde haired womanRecruited by the forces of evil and in close pursuit of Ben.
Jan WakefieldBen's mother. Was supposed to get out of the way to allow Ben free reign but managed to grab her own storyline.
KeelingAnother incidental character who developed his character in the hope of getting an Oscar when the movie comes out.
EvaMay yet get to play a bigger role in the sequel!
* the storyline, and some of the chapter titles relating to the journey, follows the circular route of the microcosmic orbit meditation. From the Sea of Qi (to be found below and behind the navel) through the Ren channel, becoming increasingly Yin (and cold in the story) and into the Du channel which becomes increasingly Yang (and warmer in the story) in its ascent to the top of the head (and the mountain top in the story).

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Mark can be contacted via email at: mark@intotheseaofqi.org, or via his Facebook page, see below.

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